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Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

If your rent is raised 5% or more and you decide to move, your landlord is required to pay you relocation assistance in the following amounts:

• If rent increases 5% to 7.5% — 2 times the monthly rent 

• If rent increases 7.5% to 10% — 2.5 times the monthly rent 

• If rent increases more than 10% — 3 times the monthly rent 

In the event that you are unable to relocate and remain in the same apartment or house at the increased rent, you must repay the relocation assistance. 

Exemptions : (a) a landlord and tenant living on the same site if the site has four or fewer dwelling units; (b) tenants who have lived in the dwelling unit for less than six months; (c) a landlord that temporarily rents out the landlord’s principal residence during the landlord’s absence due to active-duty military service.

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