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Your landlord is required to give you TWO written notices about any rent increase.

Notice of Rent Increase:

Your landlord is required to give you TWO  written notices  about any rent increase. The first must be at least 180 days in advance, the second must be at least 90 days before the increase. This gives you plenty of time to make decisions about your living situation.

Details in the Notice:

The notice should clearly state how much the rent will be increased by, in dollar term AND  information about the landlord’s relocation assistance program.

If your landlord does not comply with these rules there are in violation of TMC 1.100 the Landlord Fairness Code. 

How to take action

  1. Send your landlord a letter/email informing them of the violation (see templates) 

  2. Document all interactions and communications with your landlord.

  3. If your landlord refuses to comply with the law, you can file a Civil Complaint (see template) for the violation. 

  4. Contact an attorney for legal advice and/or representation 

  5. Go to all of your hearings!

Template Downloads

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