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Starting from December 8, 2023, Tacoma has implemented a crucial protection for tenants: a ban on evictions during the coldest months, specifically from November 1 to April 1.

As of December 8th, 2023, it is illegal in Tacoma to evict a tenant between November 1 and April 1. While a Writ of Restitution may be ordered against you during this time, it will not be ISSUED or EXECUTED until April 1 or later. This saves lives by keeping people housed during the coldest and most dangerous time of the year. It does not mean you will not be evicted come spring.

While the cold-weather eviction ban gives you time to find housing and reach a possible settlement or payment plan with your landlord, you should still plan to find alternative housing or shelter by April.

If you are served with an eviction notice you may be able to suit for damages like if there is a habitability issue in your unit.. 

How to take action

  1. Send your landlord a letter AND email informing them of the damages you are suiting them for  (see templates) 

  2. Document all interactions and communications with your landlord.

  3. If your landlord refuses to settle the eviction,  you can file a Civil Complaint (see template) for the damages. 

  4. Contact an attorney for legal advice and/or representation 

  5. Go to all of your hearings!

Template Downloads

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