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Pet damage deposit is capped at 25% of one month’s rent (0.25 x one month’s rent)

Pet Damage Deposit Limit:

The amount your landlord can ask for as a pet damage deposit is limited to 25% of one month's rent. To put it simply, if your monthly rent is $1,000, the maximum pet deposit they can ask for is $250 (which is 0.25 x $1,000).

Your Protections:

If your landlord charges more than this 25% cap for a pet damage deposit, or if they try to keep more of the deposit than what's actually needed to repair any pet-related damages, they're not following the rules set by Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 1.100.040 subsection 1(c).

This regulation is in place to protect pet owners from unreasonable financial demands regarding pet damage deposits. If you face any issues with being overcharged or unfairly treated regarding pet deposits, this part of the Tacoma code is there to back you up.

How to take action

  1. Send your landlord a letter AND email informing them of the violation (see templates) 

  2. Document all interactions and communications with your landlord.

  3. If your landlord refuses to comply with the law, you can file a Civil Complaint (see template) for the violation. 

  4. Contact an attorney for legal advice and/or representation 

  5. Go to all of your hearings!

Template Downloads

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