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Just Cause Eviction

Under state law, landlords are required to provide a valid reason for terminating leases with tenants.

Prior to this change, landlords had the authority to terminate month-to-month leases with only 20 days' notice, without having to give a reason. However, under the current state law, landlords must cite reasons such as non-payment of rent, illegal activities, disruptive behavior, or instances where the landlord intends to sell the property or move into it themselves.

During the initial lease term, landlords can still terminate a tenancy at the conclusion of lease without providing a reason, but only if the initial rental term is between six months and one year, and the tenant receives a written notice at least 60 days in advance.

How to take action

  1. Send your landlord a letter/email informing them of the violation 

  2. Document all interactions and communications with your landlord.

  3. If your landlord refuses to comply with the law, you can file a Civil Complaint (see template) for the violation. 

  4. Contact an attorney for legal advice and/or representation 

  5. Go to all of your hearings!

Template Downloads

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