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Is anyone you live with a Senior; Military Service Member; First Responder; Healthcare Provider; or Educator

The Landlord Fairness Code offers protections against discriminatory evictions for servicemembers, first responders, seniors, healthcare providers, and educators, acknowledging their essential contributions to the community.

If you're facing eviction and belong to one of these groups, or if a family member does, you may be protected.

Understanding and leveraging these protections can help safeguard your housing rights.

How to take action

  1. Evidence of Status: Have documentation ready that proves your affiliation with one of the protected groups.

  2. Prove Discrimination: Gather any evidence indicating the eviction is motivated by your protected status, such as emails from the landlord or witness statements.

  3. Legal Challenge: Use this evidence to contest the eviction, potentially involving filing a complaint with housing authorities or seeking legal counsel.

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