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In Tacoma, there's a new rule that prevents the eviction of students, teachers, and those living with them during the academic year.

School-Time Eviction Ban:

Protection Period:

Evictions are not allowed during the school year, safeguarding the stability of students and educators.

End of Protection:

Once the school year concludes, the eviction protections expire, and evictions may proceed.

Planning Ahead:

It's important to prepare for the end of the school year when these protections lapse. Resources are available to assist with housing and legal advice.

Fighting a School-Time Eviction:

Proof Required: If facing eviction during the school year, you'll need to prove your (or the household member's) enrollment as a student or employment as a teacher.

The school-time eviction ban helps students and educators focus on school rather than being disrupted by eviction. The school-time eviction protections end at the end of the school year.

How to take action

  1. File a Motion to Stay the Writ of Restitution and Order on the Motion to Stay the Writ of Restitution (see templates)

  2. Call the Sheriff to tell them there is pending legal action - this will usually stop them from physically evicting you until the court makes a decision

  3. Contact legal representation 

  4. Come to your hearings 

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